The Benefits of Using Dipping Powder for Your Nails

Dip powder is the newest and latest technique in the market that has rivalled gel and acrylic polishes in terms of longevity and versatility. You can simply put it as a happy medium between the two. Everyone who loves having their nails painted strives for long-lasting manicure that may last longer than two weeks. Luckily, dip powder can grant that wish of yours and more! The wide collection of SNS dipping powder will allow you to grow out your thin, brittle nails while protecting them and making them look still amazing.

dipping powder

Here are some tested and proven benefits of using dipping powder:

  1. Added Layer of Protection

Using sns dipping powder on your nails will add an extra layer of protection on the top of your nail to prevent further breakage and allow the natural nail to grow without fear of breaking from opening a soda can. Not only is it great to use on natural nails, it also won’t chip or peel like other polishes. It is created to last longer on nails so you can get your money’s worth. Dipping powder has the best of both worlds,  it will last like an acrylic, but removes easily like a gel polish, but doesn’t need a light to cure and won’t weaken your nails when you wear it.

  1. No Added Harsh Chemicals

Most nail polishes are made from toxic and harsh chemical ingredients, dipping powder on the other hand is formulated without the harmful chemical and instead vitamins are added to strengthen your nails and prevent the nail bed from getting damaged.

  1. No Need for Monomer

Unlike conventional nail treatment, using dipping powder will eliminate the use of monomer since the system is applied with a series of adhesive-like glazes making applying dipping powder less time consuming and convenient at the same time.

  1. Can Be D-I-Y

A lot of women refuses going to nail salon because it takes too much of their time especially if they are the working type. Using a dipping nail can requires a few more steps than a traditional gel or acrylic manicure the time spent waiting for it will be worth it because your nails will last longer that using conventional nail applying method. Dip powder application be done in the same amount of time in a salon or, for your convenience, it can be done in the comfort of your home.  So if you don’t want to go outside the house for your usual nail treatment, you can do your own nails at home while doing other household chores.

  1. It Won’t Chip

When applied properly, meaning all edges are capped and powder are sealed properly, sns dipping powder will keep your nails strong for weeks so you can save more time and money visiting your favourite nail salon.