Fun Sweetheart Nail Ideas to Wear Right Now

Start your countdown to Valentine’s Day with these colorful mani ideas. The next time you scroll for nail ideas on Instagram, look past the minimalist and nude shades because it’s time to bring love back on your nails even if Valentine’s Day is still far ahead. We have rounded up some of the best nail ideas that you can wear anytime of the year.

Nail Ideas

  1. Neon Yellow with a Touch of Red

Yellow nails can be hard to wear because of its loud nature but when paired with red, it’s worth the risk. Just looking at this neon yellow ombré nail makes us feel warm and happy. We are sure you will too, and so as the people around you.

  1. Heart Fishtails Design

Start by painting your nails with LDS D73 #Girlboss, and then paint two arches from the outer edges of your nails, so that they meet in the middle. Repeat with different colors until your nail is filled.

  1. Heart on Your Sleeve and Nails

Coat all four nails with LDS D42 So Marilyn except for the ring finger nail because we will leave it nude by coating it with LDS D53 Hello, Gorgeous. Then create a small heart shape on the side of the nude nail for a touch of whimsy. If you want to show off your sweet side in an exciting way, these are the perfect nails for you.

  1. Red and Yellow Techno

This abstract take on a watercolor design is pure Instagram fodder. To achieve it coat the nail with LDS D103 Sun shines on my mind then spread some LDS D75 Grace upon grace on top and you now have the sweetheart look you are aiming for.

  1. Hearts Is All We Need

Heart designs are just so lovable that one cannot get enough of them. Draw as many stars as you want and let the world know how in love you are. It doesn’t have to be with someone, it could be with life, nature or with your dog.

  1. Red Tips with a Surprising Twist

Red, yellow, and glitz make for such a pretty and unexpected color combo. Mix it up further by trying different colors and designs on each finger. There is no pattern to follow, just feel free to express yourself.

  1. Lady in Red Sparkles

Glitter is an easy way to elevate a plain manicure. Keep it all in the same color family for a dynamic red nail. LDS D23 Heat of the Moment and LDS D93 Highlight of my life will make a great choice for that ultra-red kick.

  1. Wild Child

We love a good heart print. Paint against a shiny red background to make it really pop. LDS D163 A Thousand Kisses or LDS D137 My Heart’s on fire will give you the red sparkle that you are looking for and more. Don’t forget to paint your hearts with equally bright shade of yellow for a funky look.