4 Easy Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful Young & Wrinkle-Free

As much as we care for our faces, we need to pay equal attention to the beauty of our hands. Our hands are the emblem of our lifestyle and age. Hands are constantly exposed to photoaging and daily aggressions, such as washing hands and using dish soap – these two things can affect the skin of our hands. Among the most common adverse effects on hands are wrinkles, sunspots, and decreased skin thickness. The shocking fact is that most people do a lot to take care of their visage but do nothing about their hands with the same attention they have to their face.

4 Easy Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful Young & Wrinkle-Free

The primary thing that defines the beauty of your hands isn’t exactly the shape of your hands but the condition of your hands and nails. So, if you wish to preserve the beauty and youths of your hands, or if you want to decrease the appearance of old hands, you can use any of the following methods:

4 Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful

Regular Manicure

The right nail polish, such as the Nugenesis dip colors, won’t only make your nails pop but can also visibly improve the appearance of your hands. While you can choose between the Nugenesis color, acrylic nails, and OPI gel polish, you can also boost nail health by removing dead skin cells and making your nails healthy. Besides, some studies suggest that manicures (and pedicures) are good for mental health as pampering yourself feels good and relaxed.

Suppose you don’t want to go to the nail salon. In that case, you can find amazing Nugenesis dip colors online or from the local markets – get your favorite colors, you don’t need a UV light for dip colors, and with the right application process, your manicure will last at least three weeks, instantly improving the look of your hands, and keeping your nails glossy and chip-free for three weeks.

Apply Lavender Essential Oil

If you have been neglecting your hands for a long time now, you can still take matters in your hands and do something about the unwanted wrinkles with the help of lavender oil. This carrier oil comprises high antioxidants levels that safeguard the skin from harmful free radicals and UV radiation.

All you need to do is to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (warm). Use this oil mixture to massage your hands (and feet if needed) every morning, right after showering or taking a bath. Massage your hands using this oil again before going to sleep every day. Soon, you will start noticing a massive difference in how your hands feel and look.

DIY Hand Hydrating Mask

Instead of buying expensive products from the market, you can make a DIY hand mask for wrinkle-free hands. All you need is a good hand lotion, a body lotion will also do, aloe Vera gel, honey, a rubber band, and two plastic gloves. First, thoroughly cleanse your hands in warm water – you might want to soak them in warm water for ten minutes or so. Next, mix some honey and aloe Vera gel and the hand/ body lotion in the following ratio: 1:1:1. As you might have already guessed, applying this super hydrating mixture to your hands is time.

After the mixture application, put your hands in the two plastic gloves and tie both ends of the plastic gloves with the rubber band. Leave on the gloves for about twenty minutes. Once condensation forms within the gloves, take them off and wash your hands to get them fully hydrated.

Go Bananas

You don’t have to go bananas in the literal sense, though. All you need to do is to take one ripe banana, which is replete with moisturizing properties as it is enriched with vitamin A, B, E, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. All of these minerals are essential for the rejuvenation of your hands while fighting wrinkles. Vitamin E, in particular, is essential for slowing down the symptoms of aging and strengthening nails.

Just mash one ripe banana and apply the paste to your hands. Allow the paste to get absorbed and act on your hands for 20 to 30 minutes, and finally, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this simple yet effective hack on your hands every day, and soon, you will start noticing a massive difference in the way your hands look and feel.

Final Thoughts

Your hands speak volumes about you, your lifestyle, and your self-care. Besides your visage, you must care for your hands and feet regularly. Regular Nugenesis manicures and proper moisturizing can keep your hands young, pretty, and wrinkle-free for a long time. You must make certain lifestyle changes to keep your skin healthy and glowing. You might want to consume more water and exercise every day.