Seven Beautiful Nail Colors to Spice up the Heat in Summer

Summer is right upon us, with the temperatures rising by the day. Besides, global warming and other environmental issues ensure that summers get extended. When dealing with long summers, it is proper to bring out the summer nail gel colors and spice up the heat quotient. Summers are memorable because it allows people to experiment with their nails and have a great time. Let us discuss seven beautiful gel colors nails to wear this summer.

Seven Gorgeous Nail Colors to Have This Summer

Corals – Beauty personified

Seven Gorgeous Nail Colors to Have This Summer

It can be challenging for people to leave out the reds because these shades are everyone’s favorites throughout the year. While many people advise against wearing red shades in summer, there should not be any problems because red is available in various lighter shades. For example, you have the vibrant crimson red to the deep oranges and the classy cherry hues to the most beautiful ruby reds. Each red shade has warm undertones and is the perfect color on your nails under the sun.

New SNS Dip Nail for Your Summer Style

SNS dip nail are long-lasting and don’t require a UV lamp to harden the varnish. For those constantly chipping their nails while doing housework or who are concerned that standard gel polish would damage their nails, then SNS dip nail is for you.

SNS’s dip nails product is a summertime must-have for those who want to look their best. Color is a popular choice for customers and shoppers alike. SNS dip nails are made affordable. The most acceptable SNS nail colors are here, so let’s check them out!

This Summer’s Best SNS Nail Colors to Try

New SNS Dip Nail for Your Summer Style

This summer, SNS has a new dip nail of various colors, and a dipping powder called the Candy Sprinkle Collection. Examine all of the SNS nail colors and choose your favorite (s) to make this summer one to remember. Here are a few of the colors you can choose from.

CS01–CS24 is the SNS Dip Nail Candy Sprinkle Collection (24 Colors): Here is a collection of 24 different SNS nail colors at an affordable price. Check it out.

Pink League Chew (SNS CS01)

It reveals excellently how to make your nail art stand out. Pink is always a good choice. Do not be nervous about using it brightly and vibrantly.

Pixie’s Sticks (SNS CS02)

“I want the best,” an incredible periwinkle blue that gives off the feeling of “free-spirited optimism and a cheerful perception.”

How to Self-Tan with Tattoos Safely

People with tattoos often worry about how to tan safely. They wonder if the ink will fade or if the sun will make their tattoos look different. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to tan with tattoos and keep them looking great.

How to Self-Tan with Tattoos Safely

What Are the Best Ways to Tan with Tattoos Safely?

There are a few different ways that people can tan safely with tattoos. Some of the best methods include using a sunless tanning lotion for tattoos or spray, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding the sun altogether. Sunscreen is especially necessary, as it can help to protect tattoos from fading and keep them looking bright and colorful.

What Are the Risks of Tanning with Tattoos?

There are a number of potential risks associated with tanning with tattoos, including fading or discoloration of the ink, irritation or inflammation of the area around the tattoo, and increased risk of sun damage and skin cancer. To minimize these risks, it is recommended to take precautions when exposing tattoos to UV light and use sunscreen regularly.

Common Queries on Acrylics Powder Resolved

Generally, women opt for regular nail polish or gel manicures to enhance their beauty quotient. However, with dip powder manicures becoming popular recently, many people have started favoring dip powder manicures. These procedures are excellent because they beautify a woman’s nails significantly. But, these manicures are not ideal for women with short stubby nails. Such women need nail extensions to use the manicures discussed above. Hence, acrylic nail extensions and acrylics powder are also popular manicures today.

Common Queries on Acrylics Powder Resolved

Not much is known about acrylic powders and their benefits. This article discusses every possible query women might have about acrylic powder nails.

All about Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Powder – The Basics

The acrylic powder cannot be used alone. Instead, you mix it with a liquid chemical substance to harden it. The primary ingredient in acrylic powder is PMMA, also known as Poly ethyl methyl methacrylate, a combination of EMA (Ethyl methacrylate) and MMA (Methyl methacrylate). Besides PMMA, acrylic powder contains Benozophenone-1, a compound that prevents discoloration on exposure to UV light.

Try out DND DC Gel Polish to Create These Mesmerizing Looks

DND DC gel polish is a revolutionary product that allows you to create the look of a professional manicure in your own home. This innovative and effective system includes everything you need to give yourself salon-quality nails without ever leaving the house. From nail prep, base coat, color coats, topcoats, and more- this brand has all the products necessary for exquisite designs that last up to 14 days!

It’s never been easier or more affordable than now with DND DC gel polish. Why not try it out today? try out these amazing looks given below.

Trendy Gel Nail Designs



Get the trendy marble look with DND DC gel polish in any color combination you desire. For this design, start by applying a base coat of your desired shade. Then, use a toothpick or dotting tool to create swirls and marbled effects with a second color. Finish it off with a top coat for added shine and protection.

Beautify Your Maturing Skin with Simple Makeup Hacks

As we age, our skin changes. It becomes thinner and less elastic, and it can start to look dull and dry. This is because the production of natural oils decreases as we get older, which can lead to a loss of collagen and elastin. As a result, our skin becomes less able to protect itself from the sun’s harmful UV rays and environmental toxins.

One way to help improve the appearance of mature skin is by using makeup. By using the right products and techniques, you can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, give your skin a healthy glow, and make it look more youthful overall.

Beautify Your Maturing Skin with Simple Makeup Hacks

Here Are Some Tips for Beautifying Your Maturing Skin with Makeup

Use a Primer

A good primer can help to create a smooth, even canvas for your foundation. It will also help to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Choose the Right Foundation

When choosing a foundation, opt for one that is lightweight and has a dewy finish. This will help to give your skin a healthy glow. Your foundation should also be able to hide any spots on your skin. Some people start experiencing freckles after a certain age. For this purpose, using a full coverage foundation for freckles can be a great support.

4 Easy Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful Young & Wrinkle-Free

As much as we care for our faces, we need to pay equal attention to the beauty of our hands. Our hands are the emblem of our lifestyle and age. Hands are constantly exposed to photoaging and daily aggressions, such as washing hands and using dish soap – these two things can affect the skin of our hands. Among the most common adverse effects on hands are wrinkles, sunspots, and decreased skin thickness. The shocking fact is that most people do a lot to take care of their visage but do nothing about their hands with the same attention they have to their face.

4 Easy Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful Young & Wrinkle-Free

The primary thing that defines the beauty of your hands isn’t exactly the shape of your hands but the condition of your hands and nails. So, if you wish to preserve the beauty and youths of your hands, or if you want to decrease the appearance of old hands, you can use any of the following methods:

4 Hacks to Make Your Hands Beautiful

Regular Manicure

The right nail polish, such as the Nugenesis dip colors, won’t only make your nails pop but can also visibly improve the appearance of your hands. While you can choose between the Nugenesis color, acrylic nails, and OPI gel polish, you can also boost nail health by removing dead skin cells and making your nails healthy. Besides, some studies suggest that manicures (and pedicures) are good for mental health as pampering yourself feels good and relaxed.

Tips for Aftercare of Your Tan and to Maintain It for the Longest Time

Tanning is easy, taking care of it is not. If you do not manage it properly, it will fade away in just a few days, ruining all of your efforts. In order to keep your tan fresh, dark and vibrant for the longest time, you need to take care of your skin so that that applied tan stays on it for longer. Keeping this thing in mind, we researched on how you can take care of your tanned skin and we came up with the following tips. These will help you in maintaining your tan for longer without having to worry about it fading away.

Tips for Aftercare of Your Tan

Which factors make your tan fade away quickly?

There are many factors that can fade away your tan. The most popular ones are given below:

  • Use of chemical containing products can fade your tan real quick. Especially those containing sulphates, parabens and phthalates can make it dull in no time.
  • Frequently going out in the sun can cause your tan to become lighter. If you are not in the habit of wearing sunscreen, your tan won’t stay on your skin for more than a week.
  • Frequently showering can also wash off your tan and make it lighter over time. Especially if your shower products are not gentle in nature.

In order to keep your tan on your skin for the longest time, you need to avoid exposure to all these factors.

How can you protect your tan from fading away

To keep your tan protected, you need to choose gentle products for your skin. Right after getting tanned, take a break of at least 24 hours before you go to take a shower. For spray tanning, you need to be extra careful as the layer of the tan is extremely thin and it can fade away in just one wash. I suggest you use the best soap for spray tan to wash your body. As it is especially formulated for spray tanned skin, it won’t disturb the tan rather, it will help it stick more strongly to your skin.

Whenever you are opting to go out in the sun, apply a thick layer of sunscreen to avoid sunburns and fading off the tan. Wear clothes that cover your body to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Soak-off Gel Polish – All You Need to Know

You should also love the soak-off gel polish manicures if you love gel polish because of its inherent advantages. Soak-off gels are not something new as the procedure has been there for a long time now. However, the benefits of soak-off gel have brought the procedure back into the limelight now. Let us understand what soak gel polish is and the benefits of using OPI soak off gel polish on your nails.

Soak-Off Gel Nails – The Concept

Soak-off gel is also known as soft gel nails because it differs from conventional nail manicures regarding its application, finish, and removal.

Soak-off Gel Polish

In short, you paint soak-off gels on your nails in thin layers and cure each layer under the UV lamp before proceeding to the next one. As a result, your nails get a natural and colorful look.

Master the LDS Dipping Powder Manicure with Practice

It is summertime, and you have people thronging the nail salons for their nail manicures. While gel polish and lacquer are the perennial favorites, you have the younger generation preferring dipping powder. In many ways, dipping powder is a convenient manicure. It lasts long, does not harm your nails, and does not require any exposure to UV/LED radiation.

Master the LDS Dipping Powder Manicure

One of the best aspects of dipping powder manicures is that it is easy to master with practice. When you do it yourself at home, you can follow some of the most hygienic practices that are not possible at a nail salon. We shall discuss this aspect later on in this article. Here is how you use LDS dipping powder nails to get the best LDS nails.

The Dipping Powder Procedure

The dipping powder manicure requires a lot of preparation such as trimming your nails and smoothing out the edges. You should ensure to use sterilized nail files to prevent infections. It is also necessary to rough up the nail surface to allow the basecoat to stick to it. Your cuticles require care as they can interfere with your manicure.

It is essential to keep the cuticles out of your nail polish area because they can cause the nail to lift. One should refrain from cutting the cuticles as you could end up with injuries.