DND Gel Polish Review

Gels are popular among manicure lovers because they are some of the oldest polishes in the market. If you have never heard of them, perhaps you are just a starter or else, you are missing out on the good stuff. Gel polishes have extensively transformed the manicure industry with their unique properties and stunning results.

Many manicure lovers prefer gels because they are easy to apply and easy on the nails. As for gels like DND DC nail polish, it assures you of a long-lasting, colourful, smooth and shiny manicure. Besides, you do not have to be a professional nail artist to achieve the best gel designs. You only require the essential gel nail polish products like the base and topcoat and a source of LED or UV. Quality is essential in polishes if you want your mani to be luxurious and long-lasting. However, if you are interested in the best quality gel polish that will give you a robust, luxurious, stunning and long lasting manicure, a DND DC gel polish duo or any other DND gel polish kit will provide you with everything you need.

Why Choose DND Gel Polish?

Have you ever wore a manicure that makes your nails feel cumbersome? Well, DND is different. Its thin formula that is almost similar to the traditional nail polishes leaves your nails feeling light, making it an ideal option to work with. It has over 235 different colours ranging from quirky brights to warm neutrals with glitter and metallic options. Therefore, DND gels can be used on different occasions.

DND gels are also unique because their fusion with essential vitamins leaves the nails stunning, healthier and more robust for weeks. When applied correctly, users can enjoy their luxurious mien for up to 3 weeks. The Top and Basecoats are an essential part of the gel polish that should always be used when applying it. Luckily, prolific inventions have led to the 600 DND Top Coat production that does not require cleansing or wipe-off.

How the Polish Works

First, you need to buff your nails to remove the previous manicure leftovers, dirt or oil. Furthermore, buffing is necessary to provide the nails with a rougher surface for the polish attachment. Proceed to clean the nails and when they dry up, apply a thin DND gel base coat. Cure the layer under an LED lamp for about half a minute or about 2 minutes if you prefer to use a UV lamp. Add a thin layer of DND gel colour, and finish up with a topcoat. The two layers must be cured sequentially for 60 seconds or 30 minutes when using an LED or UV lamp consecutively. A nail cleanser, a nail wipe or a lint-free pad should be used to eliminate the resultant stickiness.

Removing Gel Polishes

Gel polishes are not easy to remove, but with continuous practice, the process becomes more comfortable if you learn the steps. The nails should first be filed and then dipped in gel polish remover or pure acetone for a minimum of 20 minutes. A cuticle pusher should then be used to remove the already soaked polish.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gel Polish

Will it Damage the Nails?

A considerable proportion of gels form a non-permeable coating, while in most cases, people use harsh removal techniques that virtually either dehydrate the nails or damages them. Consequently, customers go for other nail products such as acrylics, which may also be damaging. Therefore, it is vital to go for a gel that keeps the safety of your nails first. Ensure that your favourite does not use harsh chemicals and that its ingredients are tested and certified to cause no harm to animals.

Are Its Ingredients Toxic?

Consumers are becoming extremely sensitive when beauty products are concerned. They need to know that their favourite products are safe to use all the time. Nail products are not exempted. Consumers are seeking out high-quality products made using non-toxic ingredients. Therefore, gels that contain camphor, formaldehyde resin, DPD, toluene and formaldehyde are not safe for use.

Is It Tested on Animals?

Nail product customers are shifting towards ethically sourced products. Many of the world’s leading brands test their products on animals, but there are others whose animal welfare is in their hearts. The best gels are animal cruelty-free or 100% vegan.

Is a Breather Necessary to The Nails?

A long lasting manicure is very appealing to many customers, but it puts them off when the nails show signs of dehydration or damage. However, the best gels imitate the pervasion of oxygen and water through the nails allowing the nails to remain healthy all the time.

How to Remove the Gel

Traditional gel removal techniques such as using metal tools to scrape off the gel or soaking the nails in acetone bowls are less appealing. As such, gels with a more straightforward and friendlier removal process are preferred.


Gels, unlike acrylics and dip powders, have a unique removal process. However, it would be best to ascertain your gel’s safety, quality, effects on the nails, and removal process. DND gel polish colors is unique in that it considers all the customer requirements.