How to Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder

If you realize that your nails are perfectly polished, you always have the feeling of showing them to everyone you get in touch with. After all, you are the only one around with such an elegant look. It would make you a subject of admiration by everyone. Has this been your dream? Your fantasies have been made a reality by the Kiara Sky dipping powder. This is a highly improved powder polish that gives your nails an intriguing finish that is better than what your normal acrylics and gels can offer.

Kiarasky Dip Powder

What Makes Kiara Sky Dip Powder Unique?

It takes you a lot of courage to try a new polish since everyone is always afraid of the after effects. However, every woman is relishing the pearl of Kiara’s new evolution. The powder comes with miraculous ways of looking fresh and fabulous within an unimaginable short. In comparison with acrylics and other gels, Kiara dip powder is far way better and healthier than all the other polishes combined. The nail art has been revolutionized with the introduction of a unique dipping solution that instantly coats your nails making them look glossy and free from chipping. This brand of Kiara dip powder has been known to be MMA, toxic and cruelty-free. Moreover, you will be fascinated by the way it instantly dries after application hence eliminating the need to use lamps.

How Is Kiara Sky Dip Powder Used?

The most fascinating thing about Kiara sky its easy mode of application that allows both learners and professionals to easily work on their nails. Once you have everything in your possession, you should embark on pushing the cuticle back as an initial step. Using an electronic drill or a file, reach your nail beds and do away with the natural shine especially around the nail edges and at the cuticle areas.  The bond to the natural nails in the first bottle should then be applied. You can then attach to the natural nails the artificial nail. Create an even surface at the point where the artificial and natural nail meet by filing down that point using an electric drill or a file.

Over ¾ of your nail, use slow and smooth strokes to apply the content of the second bottle making sure that you do not reach the cuticle. Immerse your nails at a 45 degrees angle into the natural powder. You should do this up to the base point that you painted. Over the container with natural powder, shake your nails to eliminate the excess powder. The rest of the powder can then be brushed off. On the whole nail, the base polish should then be applied. Dip your nails in the container with the colour of your desire. The bumps that you get from this process should not get you worried. Shake the excess colour powder over the jar you immersed the nails and brush the remaining materials. Reapply the base coat. In a container with clear dip powder nail, immerse the nails to provide protection to the colour by avoiding its filing. Get hold of the bottle with seal protect and apply its content on the nails.

To ensure that the bumpy edges and bits on the nails have been smoothened, buff and file the nails to get the shape you desire. Get rid of minuscule dust should by using an alcohol wipe. This is then followed by the application of the seal protect. Using a piece of cloth which is preferably lint-free, wipe your nails. Reach for the fourth bottle and apply its content fast and in form of thin strokes on the nails. This makes the top coat. Make sure that you apply 3 layers of the top coat by allowing each layer to air dry before applying the next. This enhances the durability of the topcoat. The nourishing oil in the last bottle should then be applied on the cuticles as you perform an upward massage. Commonly, the brush that you use to apply clear polish gets easily ruined when it gets into contact with coloured materials. The brushes provided by Kiara can easily be washed and the material on them dissolves easily to allow the next application.


You do not have to be a genius or a health professional to be able to follow the steps of applying Kiarasky dip powder. These easy steps are well arranged and easy to follow to allow everyone to be able to work on their nails wherever they are. Moreover, there is no use of sophisticated machines that may need prior training. After completing the process, you should come up with elegant looking nails that earn you the respect and admiration that you always dream about.