Best Glitter Nail Polish to Try Now

Glittered nail add an extra touch to a woman’s manicure and beside it was seen numerous times on fashion shows, movies and it is one of the most popular looks on the street. Whether you call it shimmer, sheen or sparkle, that extra dash of special something is one of the hottest trend for nails right now. You might be thinking that the look is hard to achieve but the truth is you don’t have to apply one all-out sparkly nail polish. The art is in the layering, rather like when you achieve the perfect outfit from layers of clothes and accessories. Whether you brush a sheer, luminescent polish over a basic colour, or wear two types of sparkly nail polish over two different colours, you can create a look that’s as unique and beautiful as you are. It’s all about experimentation.

Glitter Nail Polish

Here are some of the hottest glittered nail polishes that you can get in great deals at

Vetro Gold Line – 790 to Be, or Not Kobe?

Get this luminescent sheen from a single polish, or layer a shimmery shade over another hue. We love the way it changes colour in different light.

DND 411 Shooting Star 2/Pack

If the idea of sparkles scares you, take it slow by adding glitter to just the tips of your nails. You can use craft glitter on your nails, just be careful not to get any flecks near your eyes. This pack contains 1 – Soak-Off Gel Shooting Star 0.5oz (15 ml) 1 – Nail Lacquer Shooting Star 0.5oz (15 ml) so you can really experiment on whatever look you want.

Kiarasky 436 Vegas Volt

This look requires two or three coats and lots of layering! We adore the three-dimensional effect. Get this deal of a glittered nail polish and colour base for a very low price and wow people with your amazing nails.

SNS GC84. Dancing with the Stars

Sparkles don’t have to be full-on. The number of coats you apply determines how sparkly your nails will get. Stick on one layer for a subtle look. With this nail dipping powder, you can dip as many as you want until you get the look you are aiming for. You can never be too sparkly after all!

From the runways to the streets, one thing is clear: The more sparkly and luminescent your nails, the better. It’s not just about regular polish anymore. A layer of shimmer or a coat of sparkle is the look you want. Your DND DC nail polish doesn’t have to be boring when you can get all the glitters you want. Check out the best deals today and get huge discounts for bulk orders. Do not be afraid to combine and experiment with colours, after all everything that shines looks good in the end. So go on, get that brightest sparkle of colours on your nails and show them the real you!